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Busted: 5 Solar Pool Heating Myths 

With summer just around the corner, you might be considering improved your swimming pool experience and extending your swimming season by installing solar pool heating. Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne homeowners are all making the switch to solar to take advantage of this efficient and eco-friendly solution. But before you make up your mind, it’s important that you have the right information. We’ve cleared up 5 of the most common myths about solar pool heating Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne pool owners ask us about.

Common myths busted

Myth: Solar pool heaters are more expensive than heat pumps and gas heaters

Busted: The initial cost of a solar pool heater is similar to that of a quality electric heat pump or gas heater. Solar pool heaters can operate for 10-20 years with no additional operational costs. Heat pumps and gas heaters which require costly electricity. Heat pumps and gas heaters will likely need to be replaced at least twice in the lifespan of your solar pool heater and require maintenance.

Myth: Solar pool heaters take ages to heat up the pool

Busted: Immediately following installation, solar pool heaters deliver a gradual rise in pool temperature each day. After this initial period, you won’t have to wait for the water to warm up because it is “always on.” Electric heat pumps and gas heaters must be turned on well in advance of using the pool to reach the same temperature that a solar pool heater delivers every day.

Myth: Solar panels make the pool pump work harder

Busted: Solar pool heating panels will only add a small amount of pressure to a pool system. This results in a small, negligible reduction in flow rate circulating your pool water. However, this does not cause damage to your pump and does not require more electricity.

Myth: Solar pool heating panels are inefficient

Busted: The size of your system and its relation to the size of your pool is critical. Solar pool heaters efficiently heat water every day to temperatures that would cost a fortune with an electric heat pump or gas heater.

Myth: A solar pool heater will increase my electricity bill

Busted: Solar pool heaters use the existing pool filtration pump to circulate water through the tubing in the solar panels. No added electricity is required to do this. 

Sunlover solar pool heating Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne

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