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Benefits of strip solar pool heating Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne

If your swimming pool is often too cold to swim in, then you’re simply not getting the most from your backyard investment. Depending on where in Australia you live, installing a solar pool heating system has the potential to double the amount of time per year that you can comfortably use your pool. When it comes to solar pool heating Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney swimming pools, this is not only an environmentally friendly, it also goes a long way to adding value to your property. Learn more about the benefits of strip solar pool heating below.

What is strip solar pool heating?

While not all roofs can utilise rigid solar heating, strip solar heating is the ideal alternative. Strip solar heating uses soft, ribbon, or strips of rubber or plastic tubing to carry the cold pool water horizontally. As it circulates through the strips, the water is heated by the sun’. It is then returned to your swimming pool to deliver a more comfortable water temperature for swimming and relaxing. Strip solar pool heating is excellent because it not only makes use of the free energy from the sun to heat your swimming pool and extend your swimming season, but it also has a low carbon footprint, lower running costs, and the ongoing maintenance costs are nearly zero.

Top 3 strip solar benefits

1.. Increased temperatures — in the right locations, strip solar heating is capable of increasing your water temperature by approximately 10°C. This ensures that you, your family and those pool-loving neighbours get maximum fun, value and exercise out of that big watery investment sitting in the backyard.

2. Flexible to apply — strip solar heating is a very flexible form of solar pool heating, making it ideal for irregularly shaped roofs throughout Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. It is great for securing closely to your roof without any major alterations. It can be easily moulded to fit around things on your roof such as skylights, air conditioners, and pipes.

3. Easy to control — an electronic controller manages the water temperature delivered by your strip solar pool heating. Just imagine your family being able to set the perfect temperature each time before they dive in?

Swim when you want with solar pool heating Sydney

Installing solar pool heating Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane for your pool during the summer months will also extend the use of your swimming pool well into autumn and spring. To learn more about Sunlover strip solar pool heating Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney swimming pools, call Sunlover Heating today.

Sunlover Heating have installed in excess of 65,000 solar pool heating systems and built a reputation of happy customers over 30 years.


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