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Solar Pool Heating Alternative – Heat Pumps

If Solar Pool Heating does not work for your roof, your looking to swim for longer or just looking for an alternative to solar heating, why not consider an energy efficient Heat Pump to heat your swimming pool.


Although heat pumps are relatively new to the swimming pool industry, the concept has been used for many years in air conditions and refrigerators with the technology being incorporated into the Heat Pump manufacturing process.


So how does a Heat Pump warm my swimming pool?

It utilizes the ambient surrounding air which is then drawn though the unit and transferred to the refrigerant carried in pipes. The refrigerant is then compressed to generate heat – like a refrigerator in reverse.


Heat Pumps consume very little energy. When comparing the amount of energy a Heat Pump produces in the form of heat compared to electrical use, they are extremely energy efficient.


Best of all Heat Pumps come in a range of sizes to suit the smallest and largest of residential and commercial swimming pools.


In order to determine which heat pump is best suited to your needs, the following is taken into consideration.

  • Location – local climate will largely influence selection
  • Temperature – are you looking for general heating usage (24-28C) ; therapeutic exercise (28-35C) or to heat a spa (34-38C)
  • Size – the surface area of your pool or spa will assist in determining the heat pump required
  • Shade / exposure to the wind – these can affect the heat losses and gains of the heated water.
  • Position – indoor or outdoor pool or spa
  • Season – do you want to swim all year round or just extended the swimming season


We understand that swimming pool heating is a big investment, so if you have questions about installing a heat pump to your home, please call us to discuss your options