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Solar Heating – what size or area do I need?

The size of the Solar Collector is usually expressed in square meters (sqm / m²) and as a general rule, directly relates to the surface area of the pool. For Example a pool 10m long by 4m wide has a surface area of 40m². The amount of collector used will have a major influence on the effectiveness of the solar.


Australian Standard AS3634 suggests a minimum collector area equal to 60 per cent of the surface area of the pool.

However the area of the collector needs to be increased depending on things such as local climate, shading of roof or pool, slope and orientation of roof, wind protection, type and colour of roof and collector type.


* Note that “area” refers to the actual collector strip and not the roof onto which it is to be placed.


Larger systems will be needed where higher than average water temperatures are required or an extended swimming season is desired.



Solar Pool Heating -  Area Example

Therefore Sunlover Heating recommends installing 80% – 100% collector area for the majority of installations. Therefore the above sized pool would require 32–40m2 is required to heat the pool.