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Product Launch – NEW Sunlover Rigid Panel System

Over the past 12 months a significant amount of time has gone into research and development for the new solar pool heating rigid panel system.  This new rigid panel system has many advantages over other inferior panel systems in the marketplace.  The one piece design ensures extra strength, while also being significantly more efficient than other systems.

Less Heat loss, means a more efficient system

Our Rigid Panel System design is not like typical rigid solar.  Other panels allow heat to escape between the tubes, cooling the flowing water down.  Our flow tubes are interconnected to prevent heat loss. 

Key Points:

The key points our panels have are as follows:-
*  Cockatoo and Vermin Resistant
*  Superior Heat Absorption
*  Freeze Resistant
*  Extremely Durable
*  High BTU Rating

Are you getting the benefit of nature’s free solar resource?

Pool water temperatures naturally vary from north to south, from season to season, and even from early morning to night.  Sunlover Heating solar systems deliver the “Swim when you want” lifestyle, that adds value to your pool.

How It works: Proven Technology

Heating water with solar absorbers is a proven thermal engineering concept that has been used for centuries.  Solar systems are economical and have a long life because they are simple, cold water pumped from your pool through solar absorbers on your hot roof collect heat as it makes the return trip to your pool.  The water temperature is managed by an electronic controller.

Today, Sunlover Heating applies state of the art systems, design and polymer engineering to its solar absorber products to deliver the lowest cost and most reliable heating you can get for your pool.


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