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How to prepare your Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne pool for a storm

Following the destruction of tropical cyclone Debbie in Queensland and wild weather battering Sydney, we thought it was time we put together a guide of how to prepare your pool for a storm. Whilst you can’t prevent severe weather, there are some things you can do to help protect your pool from suffering too much damage. In order to protect your Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne pool for many future swims, here are some things you should do…

DO leave your pool uncovered

Having your pool cover on during a storm leaves it vulnerable to damage from sharp branches and other debris that become airborne during a storm. Having a pool cover on during this time can also cause more damage to equipment such as pool heat pumps and pool gas heaters. Even if you do put the cover on, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane storms often bring strong winds and heavy rain, which can cause the cover to lift off your pool.

DO leave the water in your pool

Many pool owners remove the water from their pool when preparing for a storm, in order to prevent the pool overflowing or pool water from being contaminated. But removing the water leaves the walls and floor of your pool unprotected and vulnerable to being damaged by flying debris. More seriously, it can cause your pool to pop out of the ground and ‘float’, which is expensive to repair.

DO turn off power to pool equipment

To prevent dangerous electrical problems that could result from storm water or flooding coming into contact with your pool equipment, it is vital that you cut off their power. The equipment in danger includes pool heat pumps, pool gas heaters, filters, motors and lighting.

DO cover your pool equipment

Covering your pool equipment with a large plastic tarp or other waterproof covering is a great way to avoid any further damage to your pool equipment. Make sure to tie down the coverings as tightly as possible, in order to help prevent water from getting through.

DO call Sunlover Heating for repairs and replacement 

Sunlover Heating can undertake repairs to your pool heat pumps, pool gas heaters, pool covers and rollers following Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney storm damage. Our timely service will ensure your pool is in top condition again in no time. We can also provide quotes to replace your solar pool heating systems that have suffered heavy storm damage and aren’t able to be repaired. For more information about storm damage repairs, read our post here.

So go on — call Sunlover Heating. Our support staff are always available to offer more advice about preparing your pool for a storm or installing the right pool heating solution for your home. Call us in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne on 1800 815 913.