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What is the perfect commercial swimming pool temperature?

As winter slowly comes into view, the temperature of your commercial swimming pool becomes even more important. Whether you live in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne, creating the perfect swimming pool temperature for the patrons of your commercial pool is vital for business, whether your pool is indoor or outdoor. But what exactly is the perfect temperature? And how do you achieve it? We have the answers for you right here!

Too cold…
Swimming pool water that is too cold can become dangerous very fast. You know that invigorating feeling you get when you jump into a cold pool? That’s actually your body in shock. This shock can cause irregular heart rhythms in healthy people and cardiac arrest in those with pre-existing heart problems. As your body struggles to keep its organs warm, your blood vessels experience extreme constriction which causes many to gasp and inhale water. This can occur in water that’s below 21°.

Too hot…
It is extremely important for the management of your commercial swimming pool to keep the water temperature from becoming too hot. There are many harmful effects of swimming in a pool that is filled with too much warm water, including dehydration, muscle cramps and skin burn. Not to mention a swimming pool filled with too much warm water can be difficult to treat with chemicals, making it a breeding ground for bacteria.

Just right!
If you’re looking for a perfect pool temperature, not too hot, not too cold, somewhere between 27 and 29°C is the way to go. You will find most hotels and commercial pools will keep their water in this range, allowing for patrons to enjoy a swim without causing shocks to the system.

How do we get there?
So, what is your best option for reaching and maintaining this target water temperature? Heating solutions such as solar pool heating, gas pool heating, and pool heat pumps are essential for the variable climates experienced in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

The solution you choose will depend on a number of key factors. For example, since commercial swimming pool heating is required all year long regardless of whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solar heating solution is a smart choice. However, if heating time is of more importance to you, you may wish to consider a gas pool heater instead.

Design your solution today!
At Sunlover Heating, we complete a comprehensive evaluation to determine whether solar pool heating, gas pool heating, or a pool heat pump is the best option for your commercial swimming pool in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane. Speak with one of our friendly, helpful staff today by calling 1800 815 913. We’re ready to help you enjoy an endless swimming season!