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Heat Your Pool In A Few Hours – Year Round!

Here at Sunlover Heating, we pride ourselves on being Pool Gas Heating Specialist’s.

Offering Ultra-high performance in a compact, quiet and eco-friendly design, the MasterTemp Gas Heater is a perfect addition to your pool or spa.

Do you want better efficiency with your Spa Heating?  A MasterTemp Gas Heater is the answer for you for all your Spa Heating needs.

High efficiency ratings make these heaters extremely economical to operate.  If your pool heater is more than 5 years old, chances are a MasterTemp could quickly pay for itself in utility bill savings.


 Some of MasterTemp Gas Heater Features:-

*  A tough, rustproof composite exterior handles the heat and weathers the elements

*  Approved for installation on combustible surfaces

*  Safe operation is assured through a series of features

*  Lowest Flow Rates – with a low flow rate, the MasterTemp allows the installation of a variable speed pump allowing the Solar Heating and Gas Heater to work in perfect sync.  This will allow you to combine your Solar Pool Heating with your Gas Heating.


Quick and Efficient Pool Heating

Using a MasterTemp 400mj heater, it is possible to increase the heat of the pool by 10 degrees celsius in approximately 6 hours!!

 If you want your pool to be heated quickly and efficiently, you can’t go past a MasterTemp Gas Heater!


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Sunlover Heating have installed in excess of 65,000 solar pool heating systems and built a reputation of happy customers over 30 years.


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