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Misconceptions of Solar Pool Heating

As a swimming pool owner, it is your right to investigate the different brands and options available for purchase.

*Best Price doesn’t always mean best product.

Consider best value for money and try to compare “apples for apples”

*Any amount of solar will heat my pool.

For a system to perform to the best of its ability, at minimum of 80% surface area of the pool should be installed in Solar.

For Example a pool 10m long by 4m wide has a surface area of 40m2 therefore 32–40m2 is required to heat the pool

*Solar pool heating will heat my pool all year around.

While Solar Pool Heating will extend your swimming season over the spring and autumn days, swimming over the colder winters will require a gas heater or heat pump.

Sunlover Heating are an all rounded pool heating company and as such are not biased on Solar heating and can advise further on these products.

*Solar Pool heating has limitations

Solar pool heating heats more pools across Australia than any other pool heater. When the weather is warm and people want to swim, your pool will be warm.


*I have to run my solar pool heating all year round, even when I don’t use it

Our Solar Pool Controllers have a “winter mode” that puts your solar heating in “hiatus”. It will continue to flush water though your solar to keep the martial in good working order without heating your pool


If swimming all year round is something you would like to achieve, Sunlover Heating can look at a combination heating system of Solar Pool heating with a Gas heater or a heat pump. The options are endless and there is always a way to achieve the desired temperature.