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What makes our solar pool heating so unique

Sunlover Heating is proud to be one of the leading solar pool heating providers in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney; and many of our customers have no qualms about recommending our products and services to their family and friends. But, what is it about our solar pool heating that is so good? There is so much more to our solar pool heating in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne than just ensuring that your family can use the swimming pool more often. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider our Rigid or Strip solar pool heating for your Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney property.

State of the art design and engineering
Cost is one of the things that people consider when they are deciding on whether or not to install solar pool heating. However, superior design and engineering doesn’t always equate to being incredibly expensive. With both our Rigid Solar Heating and Strip Solar Heating collector options, we utilise state of the art systems design and engineering to ensure the lowest cost and most reliable solar pool heating for your Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne swimming pool.

Not like typical solar collectors
Sunlover Heating Rigid collectors have the highest BTU rating on the market. BTU’s are the unit of measurement for thermal energy, and the higher the BTU’s the more heat that is retained by your the solar collectors. Our Rigid solar collectors have such low heat loss compared to conventional individual tubes, because they are connected by flow tubes which are much better insulated, keeping water warmer for longer.

Strong, efficient, and long lasting
All Sunlover Heating collectors are incredibly durable. They are freeze resistant, resistant to damage from pests and birds, and are the best on the market for their resistance to UV weathering and general wear and tear. We are so sure of the strength of our collectors, we provide the best life time warranty in the industry.

Easy to use
Solar pool heating for your Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney swimming pool may sound like hard work, yet it really is super easy to use. The water temperature is controlled simply by the electronic controllers connected to the system. With easy to follow digital readouts, you can select your desired water temperature and operating times, and you can even choose our wireless remote control version.

Your roof will still look fantastic
Black solar collectors are the most common on the market because of their efficient solar absorption. Yet, if you are worried it will look too unsightly, our Strip Solar Heating comes in an array of colours. Adding value to your home has never been made easier.

Whether you go with Rigid or Strip solar collectors, our solar pool heating is a great addition to your home. Cost effective to run, your solar pool heating will practically pay for itself in only a short time. For more information regarding our Rigid or Strip solar pool heating in Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne, or any of our other pool heating products, give our Sunlover Heating team a call today.