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Sunlover Heating has the largest range of Swimming Pool Heat Pump – The C Series

The C Series Swimming Pool Heat Pump is the top of the line range of heat pumps offered by Sunlover Heating and Oasis.

At approximately 10˚c, all heat pumps will begin to ice up. If the unit is not fitted with a reverse cycle function it will stop operating.

However this supreme Pool Heat Pump has an automatic reverse cycle defrost system which allows the unit to operate in temperatures below 0˚c. This function is perfect for the retail or commercial installation.

At low ambient air temperatures the OASIS C Series Pool Heat Pump will inject warm refrigerant through the coils allowing the ice to melt and the unit will keep operating.

We use ozone friendly and highly efficient R410A refrigerant to ensure optimum performance.

Our units are fitted with a world class digital controller to drive the entire system & are reliable and of the highest quality.

The C Series Pool Heat Pumps are able to water sample and also have a time clock function to make sure running costs are kept to a minimum.