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Is solar pool heating right for your commercial pool project?

Solar pool heating for homes in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne has plenty of benefits, but did you know it can really help your school or public swimming pool? Sunlover Heating has been designing and installing commercial pool heating systems for many years, with a wide range of commercial pool projects for city councils, sports centres, building complexes, hotels, and schools to name just a few. Here are some of the many reasons why more organisations are choosing solar pool heating in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Solar pool heating is the smart choice
It might surprise you to learn that more and more commercial organisations are choosing solar pool heating in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. We’ve found this is for a number of reasons. If your swimming pool is a major part of your business, for example you are a council that runs a municipal swimming pool, or you are a hotel that wants to be more favourable for families on holidays, having a heated pool can help you to retain or attract clientele because a heated swimming pool is a more positive attribute that you have over your competition.Commercial Pool Heating installed to Hotel

Solar pool heating is really cost effective
The fact that you choose a solar pool heating option in Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne over other methods of pool heating, also comes down to how much you want to spend on heating your pool, and comparing that to long term savings. When you compare your options, there isn’t that much difference price wise for installation between solar, gas, and electric, yet the long term cost effectiveness of solar is much better. Solar pool heating relies on free and continuous energy from the sun, which is ideal for commercial organisations as solar has very little on going costs. Solar pool heating solution in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney will pay itself off in no time at all, and it is much better for the environment than other pool heating solutions.

With solar pool heating you can have a system designed to your needs
As a business, you may use your swimming pool for a range of reasons, so a customised solution is more appropriate than standard solutions which are more common for domestic applications. At Sunlover Heating, our expert technical team will work with you to design a commercial pool heating solution in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, that will be most effective for your needs, as well as being cost-efficient.Winchelsea Rigid Solar Pool Heating

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