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Why you should heat your cold swimming pool over winter with a pool heat pump

With summer coming to an end, don’t you wish you could prolong the pleasant moments and memories of barbecues and family get-togethers just a bit longer. Here are some of the top reasons to extend your swimming season by installing a pool heat pump


Pool Heat Pump warm pool

Recreational time with family and friends is one of the most valued benefits customers have advised of an extending their swimming season with a pool heat pump.

Health Advantages

Simply, extending your swimming season with a pool heat pump means more swimming. And more swimming means more exercise and relaxation.

As swimming does not place excess stress on your joints, it is classified as one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise available. Injured and elderly people also highly benefit from swimming and is a highly regarded form of rehabilitation.

Swimming also helps to clear and relax the mind as it has been shown to increase relaxation chemicals in the brain and has been closely related to yoga and meditation.  Best of all there is no traffic or gym members and allows you to focus on your breathing and laps

Comfortable Swimming Temperatures

A pool heat pump is crucial to setting and maintaining comfortable swimming temperatures. With water temperatures fluctuating due to external weather conditions in both summer and winter months, a pool heat pump can be set to any desired temperature making swimming more comfortable than ever.

Return on your investment

Depending on your location, you may only use your pool for a few months a year.

Pool Heat Pump heatedSome pool heat pump customers have doubled or even tripled their swimming season capabilities simply by adding a pool heater. This increases your return on investment by allowing you to use your swimming pool more regularly.

You wouldn’t purchase a car to only fill the tank occasionally, so why only use your swimming pool occasionally?

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