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Great tips for your solar pool heating maintenance in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane

Solar pool heating has done great things for families in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. There are a wide range of solar pool heating options including rigid solar heating, strip solar heating, and solar pool blankets, and these use free energy from the sun to extend the amount of time you get to spend in your swimming pool. Professionally installed solar pool heating options in Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne, require very little maintenance, however, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure your solar pool heating system stays in top shape. Here are our top tips below.

Solar pool blanket maintenance tips
When you are not using the solar pool heating blanket at your Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne home, make sure you keep it well protected from the sunlight. You can do this with a white polyethylene protector. When taking off your pool blanket make sure that you avoid damaging the air cells, by lifting it carefully over your deck, or any rugged surface, and not putting it on your grass. You can help protect it with a blanket roller, or with a separate container that you can store the blanket in whenever you aren’t using it. Keep in mind, just throwing your blanket in the shed or on the ground will only damage it and shorten the lifespan. Also keep your pool blanket away from any pool chemicals such as chlorine. Your pool chemicals should always be stored separately from your blanket. A blanket roller will also help to keep your solar pool heating blanket free from dirt and leaves. If your blanket does become dirty, you can clean it with a hose, or skim the debris off while it is in the pool and the pool filter will be able to take care of the rest. If you have algae on it, use water and a soft brush to gently remove it.

Rigid and Strip solar pool heating maintenance tips
These solar pool heating options generally require very little maintenance, however, it is a good idea to have a service done on your system before your swimming season starts. There is nothing more frustrating than going to use your swimming pool, only to find that there is a problem. A yearly service takes away this concern so that you know for sure that there haven’t been any issues during the down time. At Sunlover Heating, we have an annual maintenance program, to take the hassle out of arranging a solar pool heating service in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. One of our trained solar technicians will come and look over your solar pool heating system for you, so you can enjoy your extended swimming season.

General pool maintenance
Rigid and strip solar pool heating options are very robust, however, you should never forget about your general pool maintenance. Maintaining your pool and filtration system as your normally would helps your solar pool heating perform at its best. Your filter just needs to be cleaned as per the manufacturers standards to ensure that the flow continues through the solar pool heating of your Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney home. You should also maintain your swimming pool’s pH and chlorine levels.

By keeping up with your solar pool heating maintenance, you will ensure that your system lasts a long time to come. To learn more about when you should organise a service of your solar pool heating in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or throughout Australia, click here.