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Gas pool heater sizing guide

Gas pool heaters help you to maintain comfortable water temperature in your swimming pool for those early morning or late season swims. Highly efficient, low maintenance gas pool heaters utilise the latest in technology to ensure your swimming pool is kept at the temperature you like. Gas swimming pool heaters are available in many sizes to fit your pool. So, how do you choose the right sized gas pool heater? Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer, as sizing depends on a number of key factors.

Ideal temperature
First and perhaps most importantly, you will need to ensure that the heater size you choose is capable of delivering your perfect water temperature. To do so, you’ll need to calculate the temperature rise. This is the difference between your desired water temperature and the average ambient air temperature. For example, if you prefer your pool water to be 25 degrees and the average air temperature where you live is 20 degrees, then your desired temperature rise is 5 degrees.

Pool size
The first thing to consider is the swimming pool’s total surface area and the difference in average air versus pool temperature. The more surface area through which heat can escape, the more BTUs your gas pool heater will need to produce to heat the water. If you are sizing for an outdoor pool, you’ll also need to consider things such as wind exposure, humidity levels, and overnight temperatures, as these impact heater output. Use of a swimming pool cover to retain heat and the installation windbreaks can reduce demands on the pool heater and affect the pool heater size you need.

Usage patterns
If you expect to be maintaining water temperature by setting the thermostat and maybe increasing it by a few degrees in the evening or on weekends, then a smaller size pool heater can be used. If you will be heating intermittently, such as turning the heater on Friday, and turning it off on Monday, then a quick heat up is required. Gas heaters only add 1 or 2 degrees of heat per hour to the average pool. A larger heater is best for this usage pattern as it is slightly more efficient. Smaller heaters are slower to heat and will operate more often to keep up with the output of larger heaters.

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