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Five Health Benefits of Swimming

Taking a dip in a swimming pool is the perfect way to beat the summer heat. Not only is swimming a great recreational activity, but it also makes for a great workout without you needing to sweat buckets. No matter what your fitness level is, swimming, as a sport, provides several health benefits for people of all ages and sizes.

Here are five health benefits of swimming:

  1. Works Your Whole Body

The biggest benefit of swimming is that it is an excellent workout for your entire body. When you swim regularly, you build muscle strength and endurance. 

Thirty minutes on the pool is equivalent to forty-five minutes of regular workout, which is why it is such a great exercise activity.  Aside from toning your muscles, your cardiovascular system gets a workout too. Swimming makes your heart and lungs stronger.

  1. Ideal for People with Injuries and Other Conditions

Unlike other high-impact exercise routines, swimming is safe for people with injuries or disabilities. Since water supports the body’s weight, swimming around in a pool is easy and allows people to stay active. It can also help reduce pain and boost recovery from an injury. 

Aside from these benefits, swimming also lowers the risk of diseases such as heart disease, stroke and type two diabetes.

  1. Burns Calories

Even though swimming is considered a low-impact sport, it is also an effective way to burn calories. Low-impact land sports like walking can burn around 100 calories in 30 minutes, while swimming can burn almost twice the calories. 

A 73kg person can burn approximately 400 to 700 calories while swimming depending on how rigorous the pacing is.

  1. Improves Sleep and Increases Energy Level

Similar to other forms of exercise, swimming helps you sleep better at night. Since it is a low-impact sport that is easily accessible to a wide range of people, elderly people and those with disabilities find swimming appealing as an exercise. 

It is also an ideal option for people looking to improve their sleep. Aside from improving your sleep, swimming also increases your energy levels. Adopting a less sedentary lifestyle and swimming can help boost your energy levels and metabolism.

  1. Destress and Relax

Swimming also provides exercise-induced endorphins that help lower stress levels. Even if you only do light swimming, it will still be a big boost in improving your mental health.

Swimming can lower stress levels, reduce anxiety and prevent depression since it promotes a feeling of relaxation. Being submerged in the water dulls sensory information to the body, which makes you feel more calm and relaxed.

Another great thing about swimming is that it is an accessible and affordable form of exercise. You do not need to get an expensive gym membership to get a full-body workout.

While enjoying the many benefits of swimming, make sure to observe proper pool etiquette at all times. Be safe when entering and exiting the pool and be mindful of others. Avoid creating waves that will disturb other swimmers. As much as you enjoy swimming, let people enjoy it as well. 

Now that you know the benefits of swimming, go to your pool and just keep swimming!