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Extend your Swimming Season

Would you like to swim in your pool for longer each year?

Do your children want to swim in autumn, winter or spring?

It is time for you to buy an Oasis Heat Pump or a Pentair Gas Heater.

Sunlover Heating are the distributors for Oasis Heat Pumps and Pentair Gas Heaters.

With a Pool Gas Heater, you can heat your pool faster with less energy.  Gas Pool heaters are quick and efficient.  Gas Heaters have the low NOx emmissions.

Pool Heat Pumps are designed to extend the swimming season of your pool.  Heat Pool Pumps are super quiet and use ozone friendly refrigerant.

If you are living in Sydney or Melbourne and you want to make your swimming pool warmer, an Oasis Heat Pump or a Pentair Gas Heater could be what you are looking for. 

Contact Sunlover Heating today to discuss all your Swimming Pool Heating Options.