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Swimming Pool Heating Options – the differences between electric and solar

If you are thinking about solar pool heating at your Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne, you might be considering your other options. There are a wide range of pool heating solutions on the market including electric pool heating, which may be better suited for your budget, home location, or lifestyle. Here in Australia, we often choose homes with a swimming pool or have a swimming pool installed, because we know how hot it is in the summertime. When it comes to the swimming pool water temperature, it tends to stay around 18-20 degrees, which is a relatively cold temperature. That’s why it comes as no surprise, that when the weather temperature starts to drop, most families end up covering their swimming pool and letting it sit untouched for the remainder of the cooler months.

Heating is the best way to get more out of your swimming pool
Whether you choose to install electric or solar pool heating at your Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney property, you can go a long way towards getting more than just every summer out of your swimming pool. Using some sort of pool heating option can help to warm up your swimming pool to around 25-29 degrees Celsius. So, how do you know if you should choose electric or solar pool heating for your Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne home? Here are some other important points that will help you when you want to compare electric and solar pool heating.

Why you should consider solar pool heating in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney
Solar pool heating is ideal for locations such as Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne because there is so much sunshine throughout the year. Solar pool heating has become an extremely popular method of heating swimming pools because as the name suggests, it harnesses free energy from the sun to heat the swimming pool. With solar pool heating, swimming pool water is heated as it flows through tubing that is located on your roof, before flowing back into the pool. While it is environmentally friendly, solar pool heating does rely on regular exposure to the sun in order for it to work effectively. The temperature of the swimming pool can be controlled with a digital controller and heating results are also greatly improved with more solar collectors and optimum sunlight. Solar heating has a host of other benefits and it is not as expensive to install as you might think. The best part, solar pool heating is also inexpensive to operate and maintain, and pays for itself within a few years.

What is involved with electric pool heating
Unlike solar pool heating, electric pool heating uses electricity to suck in warm air, removing the heat and heating swimming water as it is pumped through. If you can imagine, the electric heat pump works similarly to a reverse cycle air conditioner. With electric pool heating pumps you can set the ideal temperature in your pool, even using it for cooling the pool down further in summer. What is most surprising to people is that electric pool heating pumps can heat pool water quite quickly, and actually have low running costs, though not as low as solar pool heating.

If you are still unsure about what is the best option out of electric and solar pool heating in Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne, discuss your needs with the team here at Sunlover Heating on 1800 815 913, and we will go through all the pros and cons for each to help you make a more informed decision.