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D.I.Y Solar Pool Heating Kits

Would you like to have pool heating, but can’t afford for someone else to install it?

Why not consider a Do-It-Yourself Solar Pool Heating Kit.

At Sunlover Heating, we can supply DIY solar pool heating kits for either Rigid Solar Pool Heating Panels or Strip Solar Pool Heating.

DIY Pool Heating comes with easy to follow instructional videos and manuals.

The only thing you will need to purchase with your Rigid Solar Heating Panel DIY kit is a boost pump, if you dont already have one.

DIY Strip Solar System Kits dont come with controllers or boost pumps.  If you need to purchase a Boost Pump or Solar Controller,
sunlover heating can help you assess all your needs.

DIY Solar Pool Heating Kits are a great way to extend your swimming season while still being cost effective.

For all your Solar Pool Heating needs, contact us.