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Cost Effective Ways of Heating Your Pool

Are you tired of not getting year round use out of your swimming pool? Wouldn’t it be nice to go for a relaxing, warm swim in the crisp, winter air? Or maybe you’re just looking to keep your pool usable for almost the whole year.

You don’t necessarily have to buy expensive equipment or heating systems that need to be powered by electricity or gas. Considering today’s rising energy cost, it’s still possible to enjoy a comfortable swim. Here are several affordable ways to heat a pool.

1. Cover the pool completely

This is probably the easiest, and most cost-effective way to heat a pool. It is more about retaining the heat of a pool, rather than generating heat within. Water evaporation creates a cooling effect, so this method prevents the escape of moisture. Choose a translucent cover over a solid colour cover. A translucent cover lets sunlight into the pool, while the cover prevents heat and moisture from escaping.

2. Use a pool enclosure

A strong breeze will quickly cool pool water down. Enclosures surrounding the pool prevents the pool from losing warmth. Enclosures are easy to maintain and as an added benefit, can keep swimmers protected from excess wind. 

3. Combination of solar heater & pool heat pump

Using a pool heat pump and a solar heater in tandem has the advantage of being cost-effective as well as operationally efficient. The solar heater keeps the pool warm, but the pool heat pump is helpful as a back-up method to maintain a consistent temperature. 

4. Use a black-colored hose

If you spread out a length of hose long enough to cover the area from the pool pump and into a sunny area where the water will absorb the sun’s energy, the hose should return the water to the pool. Warm water will continuously run through this system, thereby heating the pool. The color black is more efficient in capturing the warmth  of the sun, compared to the other colors, so a solid black hose is recommended.

5. Gas Pump

A gas pool heater is a speedy way to heat up your pool when the temperature drops. They’re highly efficient, so don’t have to be used consistently to maintain the temperature of the water. Some of the top end brands can heat a pool in just over an hour, making them an easy solution for those times when a heated pool is needed right away. And because they heat the pool quickly, you don’t have to rely on using it frequently, especially if you combine a gas pump with other methods to keep the water warm. 

Using a combination of these methods is the fastest way to heat a pool. Going solar is the best overall approach if you live in a location that is blessed with lots of sunshine for most of the year. Of course, you’ll be able to save on paying for electricity as you’ll end up using solar more often. Relying on natural heat offers the cheapest solution but locking in the heat by using covers and enclosures also contributes to preventing heat loss.