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What to consider when choosing commercial pool heating

Sunlover Heating has been designing and installing commercial pool heating systems for many years. We’ve successfully completed a wide range of commercial pool projects for city councils, sports centres, building complexes, hotels, and schools across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. This means we understand that commercial swimming pools require a lot more than just a standard pool heating system. To help you decide which commercial pool heating system is right for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most important things to consider. With this guide, we’ll help you make an informed decision on your commercial pool heating solution.

Swimming pool size 

It goes without saying that choosing a correctly sized heater for your pool is an important consideration. The volume of your pool and its surface area will both have an impact on the amount of heat required for a comfortable swim. Obviously, a larger pool will require more energy to keep the water at your desired temperature.

Preferred pool temperature 

The difference between your desired water temperature and the ambient temperature will also impact your choice of pool heater. The greater the difference is between these two temperatures, the bigger and more powerful your commercial pool heating system will need to be.

Pool heat-up time

How long you are willing to wait for the water in your pool to heat up? The pool heat-up time is a consideration that is often overlooked. Most pool heaters have a 24 hour wait time, which is fine for a pool that is used daily and kept warm at all times. Whilst most pool heaters take a few hours to heat up the water, gas pool heaters can heat your Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne pool almost instantly.

Ongoing heating costs

Your budget for heating your commercial pool, and comparing that to long term savings, is one of the most important things to consider. An increasing number of commercial pool owners are choosing solar pool heating in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for their commercial swimming pool, due to the free, continuous energy from the sun.

Sustainable pool heating solutions

In order to remain sustainable, larger commercial swimming pools, such as those in hotels, require heating systems which have been economically designed. Pool heat pumps are recognised as the most sustainable way to heat swimming pool water whilst offering you a saving on both energy and operating costs.

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