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Congratulations Jeff Horn – Part of the Sunlover Heating Family

Brisbane boxer Jeff Horn claimed one of the greatest upset wins in boxing history over the weekend by defeating legend of the sport, Manny Pacquiao. He’s now the WBO welterweight champion of the world, but a few months ago, he was just another swimming pool owner in need of a new pool heat pump.

Sunlover Heating was delighted to install an Oasis pool heat pump for Jeff at his suburban Brisbane home, allowing him to enjoy a swim all year round.

Jeff Horn 1

The Sunlover boys with Jeff Horn

Oasis pool heat pumps keep your home swimming pool warm and ready, meaning you don’t need to plan ahead to turn on the heat when you want to take a swim. They also deliver a lower operating cost than many heat exchangers on the market, and the latest series can even be controlled from your phone!

Jeff Horn 2

Jeff Horn and his Oasis pool heat pump

Jeff made an excellent decision choosing an Oasis pool heat pump. You too can easily extend your swimming season with Oasis pool heat pumps from Sunlover Heating. Late nights, early mornings and even winter afternoons can all include a dip in the pool with an Oasis heat pump bringing the heat.

The Sunlover Heating team would like to congratulate Jeff on his incredible win and wish him all the best for the next time he steps into the ring!