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Comparing your 2 options for solar pool heating

Solar pool heating has been an efficient and great way for families to extend their swimming season without the outrageous ongoing costs. Here at Sunlover Heating, we have 2 options for solar pool heating in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne; Rigid Solar Heating and Strip Solar Heating. You may have heard plenty already about solar pool heating, in fact, if used properly solar pool heating is the best way to extend the use of your swimming pool throughout the year. If you are unsure about the differences between the two options, or why you should install solar pool heating to begin with, take a look at our helpful points below.

What is Rigid Solar Heating?
Rigid Solar Heating uses state of the art design and engineering in order to deliver reliable solar pool heating for your Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney pool. Generally, other panels may allow heat to escape, causing water to cool rapidly during poor weather conditions because the individual flow tubes aren’t insulated by each other. Rigid Solar Heating tubes on the other hand are connected for better insulation, staying warmer for longer. Our Sunlover Heating patented design is efficient, eco-friendly, and indestructible, withstanding extreme cyclonic winds. freezing cold conditions, birds, and vermin. Rigid Solar Heating provided by Sunlover Heating keeps its shape, is highly efficient, and every panel is factory pressure tested to check for overall strength and any leaks.

What is Strip Solar Heating?
Not all roofs can utilise Rigid Solar Heating, which is why Strip Solar Heating is the ideal alternative. Soft, ribbon, or strips of rubber or plastic tubing are used to carry cold pool water horizontally. As it circulates through, water is heated by the sun’s free energy before being returned to your swimming pool. Strip Solar Heating is a very flexible form of solar pool heating, ideal for irregularly shaped roofs throughout Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Strip Solar Heating is also great for securing closely to your roof without any major alterations.

Why Solar Pool Heating?
When trying to decide between Rigid Solar Heating and Strip Solar Heating, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Both types will heat your pool in a similar manner, for similar times throughout the year, and both have interconnected tubes in order to prevent heat loss, unlike other products on the market. The core differences are that Strip solar can be moulded to fit around things on your roof such as sky lights, air conditioners, and pipes. On the other hand, Rigid solar is more durable, and while it requires less roof space, it cannot be moulded to suit all roof types. Although Rigid Solar is slightly more expensive it does have a longer warranty period than the Strip solar.

Both Rigid Solar Heating and Strip Solar Heating are cost effective, paying themselves off in only a few years time. When it comes to solar pool heating at your Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney swimming pool, solar is not only environmentally friendly, it will go a long way to adding more value to your property. With both options, you have the ability to control your pool temperature with digital controllers. Solar heating is a natural and environmentally friendly way to add heat to your swimming pool. By installing solar pool heating at your Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne pool for the summer months, you can go a long way to extending the use of your swimming pool well into autumn and spring. In fact, most systems require very little maintenance.

To enquire about either our Rigid or Strip solar pool heating for your Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney swimming pool, call Sunlover Heating today.