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Commercial Product – Heat Pump Review – The Swim Factory WA

12th August 2014


Dear James,

I would like to provide you with a testimonial for our OASIS Heat Pump and for the service you have provided both during and after installation.


The Heat Pump itself is performing beyond expectations. We have been able to maintain 31.5C consistently despite some extreme wet and windy and cold days for the Perth Winter.


We have been also able to do this efficiently and with approximately 25% less energy cost than we had expected.


The combination of the Heat Pump with using our pool cover has meant great savings and a consistently warm pool.


I would also like to thank you for assisting us with the initial set up and early monitoring/adjustment to achieve our desired temperature.


The product is great and the support service has also been outstanding.


Please feel free to use this testimonial to assist potential customers to make up their minds about their best heating options.



Greg Hodge


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