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How do I choose the right gas pool heater for my home?

The expediency and effectiveness of gas pool heaters make them a top choice for swimming pools and spas in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. What’s more, they’re quiet, compact, eco-friendly, and boast a rustproof composite exterior designed to weather Australia’s variable climates.
Given the cooler temperatures of the country’s southern states, gas pool heating is often a perfect complement to solar heating or electric heat pump solutions. Our MasterTemp gas heaters will keep your swimming pool at its desired temperature all year long, extending your swim season long after the balmy summer months have come and gone.
Before you take the plunge and invest in gas pool heating for your Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney home, make sure you first consider the following two key factors: size and efficiency.

Gas Pool Heater Sizing
The size of a gas pool heater depends upon a swimming pool’s total surface area and the difference in average air versus pool temperature. Sizing a gas pool heater for an outdoor pool also requires careful consideration of things such as wind exposure, humidity levels, and overnight temperatures, as these impact a pool heater’s average output. A larger unit may be necessary in order to achieve and maintain desired temperature levels.

Gas Pool Heater Efficiency
A pool heater’s efficiency is measured as a ratio of usable output to energy input. This efficiency percentage is often prominently displayed on units’ nameplates, and can be easily retrieved from manufacturer websites. Thanks to improvements in technology, today’s gas pool heaters can be upwards of 95% efficient, which means that every $100 of fuel produces $95 of usable heat.

Gas Pool Heater Costs and Cost Savings
It’s no surprise that larger and more energy efficient gas pool heaters are a heavier upfront investment. But don’t let this deter you from choosing or updating a gas pool heater: the good news is these units typically pay for themselves in utility bill savings alone! If you’re looking to give your cost savings an added boost, consider purchasing a pool cover to protect your Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane swimming pool from wind and other inclement weather changes.

To extend the lifespan of your gas pool heater in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, we strongly recommend liaising with a certified technician for sizing analyses, installations, and maintenance and repairs. Contact one of our Sunlover Heating specialists to learn more about this eco-friendly heating solution on 1800 815 913.