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Best Pool Toys for Kids and Adults

Ready to have some fun in your backyard swimming pool this summer? Various types of pool toys can turn your swimming pool into the perfect summer hangout for your family and friends! 

Check out some of the best pool toys available for kids and adults. 

1. Watermelon Ball

A watermelon ball is a fun pool toy that is perfect for kids, teens or entire families! It’s a ball filled with water that can sink to the bottom of a swimming pool. It can also be bounced and can rise so people can dribble it if they want to play basketball in the pool or play football under the water. There’s also a junior version that little kids can play with. 

2. Water Sports Swim Thru Rings

Want to arrange a fun swim activity for your kids? Make them go through these swim thru rings! These are collapsible and colourful toy rings that are easy to transport and set up. They are about 30 inches in diameter and come with air pockets and weights so that you can set the depth of the rings in your swimming pool. It’s a great activity that can be adjusted for people with different swimming levels. You can ask kids to go through the rings one at a time or make them go through all three rings in one go! 

3. Inflatable Beer Pong Table

Who says you can play beer pong on solid ground only? Adults and teens will love a twist on their good ole game of beer pong when they play it in the swimming pool! Experience playing floating beer pong with an inflatable beer pong table. Get an inflatable beer pong table with cup holders on opposite sides and a built-in cooler and have a blast playing with your friends! If you’re not playing beer pong, you can even turn this inflatable into a floating lounge. 

4. Underwater Treasures Gift Set Bundle

Teach your kids how to swim this summer with an underwater treasures gift set bundle. Encourage them to dive deeper into the pool by making them find treasures under the water! This bundle comes with diving rings, water torpedo bandits, diving sticks and pirate treasures that will make diving in a pool more fun and exciting for your kids! 

5. SwimWays 2-in-1 Poolside Basketball and Volleyball Set

If you are looking for a team sports activity to do this summer, why not try playing some water basketball or water volleyball? Look into getting an inflatable 2-in-1 basketball and volleyball set that lets you switch from basketball to volleyball depending on your mood! This set comes with an inflatable basketball hoop, a volleyball net and both a basketball and volleyball. It’s perfect for families and friends who want to bond over sports during summer!

6. Waterproof Playing Cards

If you are not into sports and just want to chill and relax in your swimming pool, try playing a game of cards instead. Whether you play poker, gin rummy or crazy eights, you don’t have to worry about getting your cards wet with waterproof playing cards! 

7. Floating Aqua Table

Want to enjoy a picnic or play card games in your swimming pool? You will need a floating aqua table so that you can do these or any kind of activity that needs some kind of surface. Another great feature of a floating aqua table is that it also comes with a cooler space in the centre of the table and grab handles on the seat so that you stay afloat. 

Tips to make the most of your swim season

Before you play all you want with the pool toys that we mentioned in this article, there are some things that you should do first to ensure that swimming in your pool is safe and enjoyable at all times. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Always prioritise safety

Choose high-quality, durable pool toys. You don’t want inflatables easily getting damaged and endangering people especially kids while they are in the pool. Parents should ensure that they have a first aid kit and emergency numbers handy, and they know how to perform CPR in case of an emergency. Look into putting on a pool cover and pool fence for additional safety measures as well. 

2. Do maintenance on your swimming pool

Make sure to regularly do maintenance on your swimming pool. Try to arrange a professional to service your swimming pool at least once a year. It’s also important that you keep your pool clean at all times, maintain the proper balance of chemicals and monitor water levels. You should also maintain your pool equipment such as your pool heater, pool filter, etc. and ensure that it is running as it should so that your swimming pool stays in excellent condition. 

3. Get your swimming pool summer-ready

If you want to make your swimming pool the perfect summer spot, try adding some decorations and lighting to make your swimming pool more festive. You can install tiki torches and hang string lights by the poolside. Bring out your pool toys and pump air into your inflatables! 

If the weather still tends to be chilly at times, run your pool heater or heat pump so that the water in your swimming pool stays warm and lovely at all times! You can also try placing a solar pool cover on your pool once the weather is warmer. You will save on heating costs while providing an extra layer of protection when your swimming pool is not being used. If you are getting a solar pool cover, make sure to get a reel as well so that when you want to take a quick dip, you can easily roll up the pool cover at the push of a button. If you’re located in the greater Sydney, Brisbane, or Queensland areas, contact Sunlover Heating today for all your pool heating needs, so you too can use your pool and your favourite pool toys year round!


There are so many fun things that you can do in a swimming pool which is why many people dream of having a swimming pool in their backyard. Whether you just swim in it or play water activities with your family and friends, you should always prioritise safety so that everyone will have a good time!