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Top 5 Benefits of a Swimming Pool Heat Pump

So you’re considering the range of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps to add to your swimming pool. Here are some benefits of adding a Pool Heat Pump to your swimming pool.



Energy Efficiency

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are unspeakably efficient users of energy, and actually produce far more energy than they consume. Approximately 5kw of heat for ever 1kw of energy consumed.


Low Running Costs

As Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are extremely energy efficient, the cost of running your unit is relatively low, however comparatively not as low as solar pool heating.


Faster Heat Up Times

Although the fastest heating method is a Gas Heater, Pool Heat Pumps will heat your swimming pool considerably quicker than solar pool heating.


Latest Technology

Sunlover Heating are committed to researching and upgrading their Oasis Heat Pump range to ensure the customer is guaranteed the best quality.


Nation wide back up

No matter where you are located, Sunlover Heating will ensure that service is always available when you need it.