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Aussies prefer to swim in pool to beach


A survey has found that a whopping 90 per cent of swimming pool owners would rather swim in their pool than the beach.


With comments on the survey such as “I have so many childhood memories from the pool I grew up in, hopefully it will now bring lots more new memories with my own children” and “[we love}…being able to use it whenever you like without having to travel to the public pool or drive to the beach.” its hard to argue.


The “Swim when you like” lifestyle is something we all dream of. And Sunlover Heating is here to help you achieve that lifestyle.


But a heated swimming pool isn’t just for family time. Solar Heating, Gas Heaters or  Heat Pumps are the perfect pool partner when you are looking to relax, looking for a low impact way to exercise and strengthen your muscles or even for pain relief via Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation.


Sunlover Heating are available to advise on the best and most cost effective swimming pool heating to suit your needs.