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10 things you should know about heating your pool

swimming-pool-solar-heater1.   Solar heating can increase your swimming season to about 9 months of the year


2.   Heat Pumps also known as electric pool heating can have you swimming all year round


3.   A swimming pool cover can not only increase the temperature of your pool, it can assist in reducing your electricity usage, reduce your chemical consumption and costs and reduce pool water evaporation by 98%



4.   Gas, electric and solar all heat your pool differently. Only a qualified pool heating company can accurately calculate the correct installation for your requirements and will be less bias on the products as they have a larger range to assist you with


5.   Solar pool heating is free to run when installed in conjunction with a filter pump


6.   When breaking down the costs of Solar heating, it can cost less than $1.00 a day to purchase your heating


7.   In most cases, you can match the colour of your solar roof material to the colour of your roof


8.   Swimming pool heating usually only takes one day to install


9.   Pool heating today are easy to operate – most have an automatic controller


10. It is recommended to service your pool heating system once a year to prolong the systems life