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Solar Heating

Enjoy the Benefits of Solar Heating for Pools

Contact our sales team to find out if Rigid Solar Heating or Strip Solar Heating is best for you.

Who needs a Wollongong beach when you have Sunlover Heating pool heating

Sydney has some of the sunniest weather in the country, however you can keep your feet wet all year round (even in winter), with pool heating from Sunlover Heating. Most Sydney families avoid dipping into the swimming pool in autumn and winter because the water is just too frigid. The ingenious quick fix is pool heating from Sunlover Heating. Our solar heating solution will provide your backyard swimming pool with sophisticated hi-tech panels that harness the energy from the sun, and apply it towards swimming pool heating all year round.

Solar Pool Heating. Get the benefit of natures free solar resource

  • A solar pool heating system will cost less than any other form of pool water heating
  • Extend your swimming season and swim any time of the day with pool heating
  • Features state of the art solar absorbers designed by leading polymer engineers

Sunlover Heating: The Pool Heating Specialist

Swimming Pool Heaters Let You Take a Swim Anytime of the Year

Double the time that you can use your pool with solar pool heating

With Sunlover Heating’s solar pool heating you can extend the swimming season at your Wollongong home. We understand that water temperatures can vary greatly, which is why we’ve spent years creating the most efficient solar pool heating available in Australia. With inexpensive solar pool heating systems, we not only provide you with the ‘swim when you want’ lifestyle which will give your family the opportunity to swim any time of the day, our solar pool heating will add real value to your pool. With two options available, ask our friendly and helpful staff whether rigid solar heating or strip solar heating will provide your pool the most benefits.

Proven pool heating for your Wollongong home

It may surprise you to learn that pool heating has been used for centuries. No matter which type of solar heating product you choose, pool heating works the same way. Sunlover Heating applies state of the art solar pool heating systems and polymer engineering to our solar absorber products, in order to deliver the lowest cost and most reliable pool heating you can get for your pool. Incredibly economical, just imagine having the ability to swim right throughout autumn, spring and summer, as well as any time of the day including early bird swimming and naughty midnight swims.

How swimming pool heating in Wollongong works

A lot of customers ask our Sunlover Heating team how our swimming pool heating works. Sunlover Heating provides swimming pool heating by heating the water that is pumped from your swimming pool as it passes through the solar absorbers on your roof. The heated water then flows back into your pool, warming the swimming pool water. The water temperature is controlled electronically, and you have the ability to set your water temperatures and operating times. Swimming pool heating is incredibly easy to operate, and as our Sunlover Heating products include strong and robust panels, you are guaranteed a long life warranty.

Pool heating is not difficult to set up at your Wollongong home, so for a free consultation on how Sunlover Heating solar pool heating works, speak with one of our helpful swimming pool heating experts when you phone 1800 815 913.


Sunlover Heating Solar Pool heating will Fit in just Swimmingly at your home, enquire today for year round fun in your pool.

Not sure what pool heating system is best for you?We can help, just call us and we’ll explain which pool heating system will be best.

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Sunlover Heating have installed in excess of 65,000 solar pool heating systems and built a reputation of happy customers for more than 25 years.


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