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Solar Heating

Enjoy the Benefits of Solar Heating for Pools

Contact our sales team to find out if Rigid Solar Heating or Strip Solar Heating is best for you.

Increase the time in your Perth swimming pool, with solar pool heating from Sunlover Heating

If you love the lifestyle here in Perth and want to spend more time in your pool, solar pool heating from Sunlover Heating will make waves at your place. With wild and unpredictable Western Australian weather, hi-tech solar pool heating ensures your water is kept consistent all year round for exercise and enjoyment.

Solar Pool Heating. Get the benefit of natures free solar resource

  • A solar pool heating system will cost less than any other form of pool water heating
  • Extend your swimming season and swim any time of the day with pool heating
  • Features state of the art solar absorbers designed by leading polymer engineers

Sunlover Heating: The Pool Heating Specialist

Swimming Pool Heaters Let You Take a Swim Anytime of the Year

Sunlover Heating, the experts in Perth for pool heating

Sunlover Heating has already helped people in Perth with a passion for swimming, to get more time in the water with thanks to pool heating. Pool heating regulates the temperature of your pool water so you can dive in early in the morning before work, or cool off with an evening paddle if you wish. Simply alter your Sunlover Heating settings if you want a burst of heat when it is cold, or turn down the temperature when there is a dry heat. You can have that ‘swim when you want’ lifestyle at your home right now. We offer a mobile service here in Perth, so call and make an appointment with one of our pool heating experts and we will come to you.

Time poor? Swim when you want with swimming pool heating

If you do shift work, swimming pool heating is just perfect for your home. You can make use of your swimming pool early in the morning or late into the evening, consistently throughout the year. Sunlover Heating uses the very latest in solar pool heating technology and engineering to deliver reliable solar pool heating. Sunlover Heating swimming pool heating products are Australian made and will cost you much less than other forms of pool heating. Depending on your needs we have two options available, rigid solar heating or strip solar heating. To swim all year round with perfect pool temperatures, learn more about solar pool heating from Sunlover Heating today.

How does swimming pool heating in Perth work?

Swimming pool heating works by capturing Perth’s sunny rays in Sunlover Heating’s strong and robust panels, and using those to heat the water that is pumped up from your pool. The water then circulates back into your pool at the ideal set temperature. Water temperature is controlled by the electronic controller connected to the swimming pool heating system. All you need to do is set your temperature and the operating hours. Once this is done, you can do laps or float along in your pool whenever you want. Sunlover Heating swimming pool heating systems also come with a long life warranty. Don’t dip your toes in to check the water, dive right in and love your pool all year round. Phone Sunlover Heating today on 1800 815 913.

Swim all year long in Perth with solar pool heating from Sunlover Heating.

Sunlover Heating Solar Pool heating will Fit in just Swimmingly at your home, enquire today for year round fun in your pool.

Not sure what pool heating system is best for you?We can help, just call us and we’ll explain which pool heating system will be best.

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Sunlover Heating have installed in excess of 65,000 solar pool heating systems and built a reputation of happy customers for more than 25 years.


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