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Solar Pool Heating: Maintenance 101

With temperatures on the rise and summer on the horizon, friends and family will soon be on your Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane doorstep, eager to take advantage of the warm weather by diving into your home pool. Fortunately, because you’ve invested in solar pool heating, you and your family have enjoyed the coveted ‘Swim When You Want’ lifestyle in Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne all year long.

At Sunlover Heating, we encourage our customers to consider the change of seasons a reminder to do a bit of solar pool heating maintenance to make sure everything is ticking along smoothly and without issue.

Solar pool heating maintenance: The basics

As with any appliance or pool heating solution, regular upkeep ensures your solar pool heater in Melbourne, Brisbane, or Sydney runs at optimal efficiency the whole year through.

Here’s what to look for:

1. Heat pump settings

When performing properly, heat pumps are an ultra-efficient pool accessory designed to transfer heat to your pool water. Any glitches or malfunctions could be resolved with a quick pump re-calibration.

2. Temperature gauge

The temperature gauge is an integral part of your solar pool heating system: it determines whether your pool water is too warm or too cold. Long-term fluctuations in your pool’s temperature is generally a tip-off that something is amiss with your temperature gauge.

3. Water flow valves

These valves are designed to circulate water through your solar pool heating system at an optimal rate, heating water as fast as possible in the shortest window of time. A malfunctioning valve may cause water to heat unevenly or not at all.

4. Solar panels/strip collectors

To reduce the likelihood of an accident or incurring new or additional damage, we recommend enlisting a professional to check and—if needed—repair your solar panels and strip collectors. Storm, hail, birds, and a build-up of leaves or dirt can run interference on your system’s ability to collect sun and, ultimately, heat your pool.

5. Test and Flush Solar Heating System

To prevent against blocked pipes and chemical build-up and keep your system running at its best, we recommend a full test and flush of your Melbourne, Brisbane, or Sydney solar pool heating system at least once a year.

Our team of Sunlover Heating professionals are trained and experienced in all forms of solar pool heating installation, maintenance, and repair. To schedule maintenance for your Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney pool, or to learn more about this environmentally-friendly heating alternative, contact us today on 1800 815 913.

Sunlover Heating have installed in excess of 65,000 solar pool heating systems and built a reputation of happy customers for more than 25 years.


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