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The basic components of a solar pool heating system

For decades, the team at Sunlover Heating has helped customers around Australia determine the pool heating solution best suited to their lifestyle. Solar pool heating is a viable and environmentally-friendly option for families and businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and surrounds.

Every solar pool heating unit is made up of three components:

Solar Collector Array

The solar collector array is the main component of your Melbourne, Brisbane, or Sydney solar pool heating system. Typically mounted onto your roof, the solar array collects the sun’s energy and converts it into heat for your pool.

There are two types of solar collectors:

1. Tube or strip systems – Large lengths of dark tubing are affixed to the roof using adhesive. The lifespan of a tube or strip system is typically shorter than a panel system, but is a cost-effective solution for customers whose homes do not have high wind exposure.

2. Panel systems – If you are in a high wind area, you are better off to invest the additional dollars in a panel system. These individual panels come in a variety of styles and sizes and are built to withstand inclement weather.

Solar Booster Pump

As the name suggests, a solar booster pump—installed alongside your existing pool equipment—boosts water flow up to your roof.

Although there are cases where your existing Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane pool filter will suffice, we typically recommend incorporating a solar booster pump as part of your solar pool heating system. This booster pump removes the need to run your filter pump every time you want to heat your water, which in turn extends the filter’s lifespan and maintains its efficacy.

Solar Controller

If the array is the heart and the booster pump is the brawn of a solar pool heating system, then the solar controller is, without question, the brains of the operation. This discreet unit allows you to control water temperature and direct the system about when it should and should not be active. Not surprisingly, you wouldn’t want your solar pool heating system running overnight, or during a dreary, gray day when you don’t expect to spend time in your Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane pool.

To find out if solar pool heating is the best option for your Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney home or business, contact our team of friendly, helpful pool heating experts on 1800 815 913.

Sunlover Heating have installed in excess of 65,000 solar pool heating systems and built a reputation of happy customers for more than 25 years.


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